Discover breath-taking Iceland during a multi-day trek. Hike from shelter to shelter past volcanos, hot springs and geysers on one of the most beautiful walking routes in the world and end your trip at the famous "Blue Lagoon".


It comes as no surprise that Iceland is one of the most captivating countries in the world. Landscapes as diverse as these cannot be found anywhere else. Within a couple of kilometres, you can come across active sulphur pools, hot springs or black lava streams.

During this trip, you will combine perhaps the most beautiful walking route in the world with a visit to a legendary hot spring. The trip ends with a night in dazzling Reykjavík.

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The Laugavegur Route

The Laugavegur Route is one of the "must do" hiking tours worldwide. The reasons for this are obvious. From the first step on this legendary trek, you imagine yourself on another planet. You literally come across one unprecedented natural phenomenon after another - of course always combined with beautiful panoramas.

During a 4-day trip you will travel from shelter to shelter where you can stay overnight in a tent, with sanitary facilities present each night. Some shelters will feature a hot spring in their vicinity where you can relax after a long hike. The daily distances are between 11km and 16km.

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The Weekly Schedule

Because Iceland is not the easiest country to plan everything yourself, we have planned a full week programme that is well balanced, where you can see the most beautiful highlights of Iceland in a fairly short period of time.



In the summer of 2019 we plan 5 Iceland Trails where there is a maximum of 50 people per week.

  • Trail 1 Monday, July 08 to Sunday, July 14
  • Trail 2 Monday, July 15 to Sunday, July 21 Sold out
  • Trail 3 Monday, July 22 to Sunday, July 28 Sold out
  • Trail 4 Monday, July 29 to Sunday, August 4 Sold out
  • Trail 5 Monday, August 05 to Sunday, August 11
  • Sold out

How to get there?

You book your flight to Iceland yourself, so that it is possible to extend the stay in Reykjavík for a couple of days (if you fancy).

The starting point of The Iceland Trail is the central bus terminal in Reykjavík (BSI Bus Terminal). Be there on Monday at 15h00. There is also a pick-up at the airport at 16h00.


During The Iceland Trail you will sleep in a tent. You can rent a 4-season tent with a warm sleeping bag and mat so that you do not have to buy this gear separately and need to carry it with you on the plane (+ 65€). The gear will be waiting for you in the bus.

The sleeping places are all close to shelters where you have the necessary sanitary facilities and running water. The last day you will arrange a place to stay in Reykjavík yourself.


At the beginning of the trip you will receive a fully mapped trail book in which all routes and sights are extensively documented. In principle, you should be able to take the route completely independently. Per trail there are also 1 or 2 experienced guides who can help you concerning the more difficult scenarios.

Each hiker also receives a GPS (incl. Emergency signal) which you can use to emit a distress signal in case of emergency.

Why Join the iceland trail?

We are convinced that The Iceland Trail has lots of elements to offer that will make a trip to this beautiful island a success.

  • Overnight in special places, both in the city and in nature.
  • A balanced route
  • An affordable price
  • The complete logistics organisation (local transport, trail books, overnight stops, local guide, optional food packs, ...)


During the hike of the Laugavegur route you will of course not encounter any restaurants or supermarkets. You must therefore bring enough food for the complete route. You can purchase an adventure food pack and cooking set from us for €95. Let us do the worrying about your food!


What's the price?
The price for this trip is 490€
What's included
    5 nights near the shelters
  • All internal transports
  • Trail book Laugavegur
  • Entrance ticket to the Blue Lagoon (valued at 50 €).
  • At least one specialized guide on the spot
What's not included?
  • International flight
  • Food and drinks (possibility of re-ordering Iceland Survival Pack €95)
  • Rental of camping equipment (+ 65€)
  • Food & Survival Pack 5 days (+ 95€)
  • Allianz travel assistance insurance
  • Cancellation insurance (€39)
  • Last night in Reykjavík, optional camping (€19)
What do I have to bring along?

Take good hiking shoes with you, make sure they feel comfortable enough to take a long trek.

Prepare for changing weather patterns. Be sure to bring protective rain clothing and some warm items of clothing. The evenings in particular can be pretty chilly.

Own tent

If you choose your own tent, you also need to bring your mat and sleeping bag.

Iceland Trail Camping gear

If you choose the Iceland Trail Camping Gear option, you get your tent, mat and sleeping bag at the beginning of the route. This material is made of the most weather-resistant materials.

About Us

The Iceland Trail is organised by Travelbase, a travel organisation that has organised thematic trips since 2010 for 20,000 adventurers every year. Besides The Iceland Trail we also organize The Canoe Trip in Sweden, Vespa Trips in Italy, Lapland trips and ski trips. You can find the complete range here.

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