Discover breath-taking Iceland during a multi-day trek. Hike from shelter to shelter past volcanos, hot springs and geysers on one of the most beautiful walking routes in the world and end your trip at the famous green plains of Thorsmork.

Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail


It comes as no surprise that Iceland is one of the most captivating countries in the world. Landscapes as diverse as these cannot be found anywhere else. Within a couple of kilometres, you can come across active sulphur pools, hot springs or black lava streams.

During this trip, you will enjoy perhaps the most beautiful walking route in the world. The trip ends with a night in dazzling Reykjavík.

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The Laugavegur Route

The Laugavegur Route is one of the "must do" hiking tours worldwide. The reasons for this are obvious. From the first step on this legendary trek, you imagine yourself on another planet. You literally come across one unprecedented natural phenomenon after another - of course always combined with beautiful panoramas.

During a 5-day trip you will travel from shelter to shelter where you can stay overnight in a tent, with sanitary facilities present each night. Some shelters will feature a hot spring in their vicinity where you can relax after a long hike. The daily distances are between 11km and 16km.

Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
Picture of the Iceland Trail
map of the route
Elevation map of the area
Highlight The Iceland Trail
Highlight The Iceland Trail
Highlight The Iceland Trail
Highlight The Iceland Trail
Highlight The Iceland Trail
Highlight The Iceland Trail

The Weekly Schedule

Because Iceland is not the easiest country to plan everything yourself, we have planned a full week programme that is well balanced, where you can see the most beautiful highlights of Iceland in a fairly short period of time.

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In the summer of 2021 we plan different Iceland Trails during the months of July and August. There is limited place per trail in order to keep it small. Every departure date is guaranteed.

You can find all departure dates below

What's the price?

The base price of this trip starts at €490 (excl. flights)
The base price of this trip starts at €885 (incl. flights - roundtrip)

The Flights?

Every week there will be a flight from Belgium (Brussels Airport Zaventem), The Netherlands (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) & France (Paris Airport Charles De Gaulle) to Iceland ( Keflavik Airport).

Departure day:

Departure Brussels Airport Zaventem: 14h00 on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.
Departure Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: 14h10 on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.
Departure Paris Airport Charles De Gaulle: 14h10 on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.
Arrival in Keflavik Airport: 15u15 (Belgium), 15h25 (The Netherlands) or 15h40 (France) on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Departure and arrival day :

Departure in Keflavik Airport: 07h40 on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.
Arrival in Brussel Airport Zaventem: 12h55 on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.
Arrival in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: 12h55 on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.
Arrival in Paris Airport Charles De Gaulle: 13h05 on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.

At Keflavik Airport there will be a bus, that will pick up all participants and drive them to Reykjavik. Seven days later, there will also be a bus leaving for Keflavik Airport early in the morning.

For those that rather come by own means: this is possible without any problem. You will be expected at "Reykjavik Campsite" to take the bus towards the first basecamp on Tuesday or Thursday. Be on time , it is not possible to join later with a normal car.

Why Join the iceland trail?

We are convinced that The Iceland Trail has lots of elements to offer that will make a trip to this beautiful island a success.

  • Overnight in special places, both in the city and in nature.
  • A balanced route
  • An affordable price
  • The complete logistics organisation (local transport, trail books, overnight stops, local guide, optional food packs, ...)

The options

  • Optional: flights round trip €395
  • Optional: Survival Foodpack €95
    (the content of the Foodpack will be shared several weeks before departure)
  • Optional: Rental of camping gear €65
  • Optional: Walking poles: €11 p.p.
  • Optional: Travel insurance: € 39 per person.
  • Optional: Cancellation insurance: €49 per person
  • Optional: first and last night in Reykjavík, camping €19/night
  • Optional: Luggage Transportation during the trail €95 p.p.
  • Luggage transport means that both your backpack and camping equipment are taken from one shelter to another by Jeep. However, we do recommend that you also take a small backpack during the daily trails. Here you can store a number of snacks and your raincoat.

What with Corona?

In Iceland, they have good control of the Corona pandemic and we are assuming that by the summer of 2021 there won't be many travel restrictions anymore. In the case there cannot be travelled, we have following insurance for you:

Book without any concerns thanks to our cancellation insurance

Thanks to the cancellation insurance you are able to cancel your trip up until a month before departure without having to give a reason.

Within the last month before departure you'll still be able to cancel, but only with a valid reason as described in our cancellationpolicy.


You'll sleep in your own tent for the whole week. We will provide the unique camping spots (5x). At most of the camp spots there will be sanitary facilities available. But sometimes, you will have to do it without any showers when you are in "The Middle of Nowhere".

At the beginning of the trip you will receive a fully mapped trail book in which all routes and sights are extensively documented. In principle, you should be able to take the route completely independently. Per trail there are also 2 or 3 experienced guides who can help you concerning the more difficult scenarios.

Each hiker also receives a GPS (incl. Emergency signal) which you can use to emit a distress signal in case of emergency.

  • 5 camping nights from near shelters on the Trail.
  • All local transports by bus
  • Guidance by our own guides
  • GPS-Tracking system in case of emergencies.
  • Trailbook The Iceland Trail
  • Optional: Flight (roundtrip) from/to Keflavik
During your hike on the Laugavegur, you won't be encountering any supermarkets or dining possibilities. Thus, it is necessary to take enough food with you for the whole route. If you want, you can book a Foodpack and a cooking set at The Iceland Trail for the price of €95. If you do so, you will not have to worry about bringing your own Foodpack. Our Foodpack consists of three meals a day and includes a cooking pot, small cultery and a cooking stove.

Take good hiking shoes with you, make sure they feel comfortable enough to take a long trek.

Prepare for changing weather patterns. Be sure to bring protective rain clothing and some warm items of clothing. The evenings in particular can be pretty chilly.

Own tent

If you choose your own tent, you also need to bring your mat and sleeping bag (3-season or 4-season).

Iceland Trail Camping gear

If you choose the Iceland Trail Camping Gear option, you get your tent, mat and sleeping bag at the beginning of the route. This material is made of the most weather-resistant materials.

A more extensive list of what to bring will be provided a sufficient long time before your departure to Iceland!

You can choose to bring your own camping gear or you can rent The Iceland Trail Camping Gear (€65/person). If you bring your own material, be sure to bring good gear (3-seasons tent + compact sleeping mat + sleeping bag).
We strongly recommend the Foodpack. It will exist of a variation of good meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) The foodpack also includes a cooking set (cooking pot, gas stove, gas bottle and cutlery). We have a standard and a vegetarian variation.
Every departure date, a team of experienced guides that know the trail and picked out the trail and camping spots, will be present. They will also be there to offer support in case any problems or emergencies would occur during the trail.
Every departure day there is a maximum of 50 participants. During the hiking itself the group will be broken down into smaller groups by itself.
lthough you will feel a certain group feeling during the week, it is no problem to "go your own way" everyday. Feel free to discuss your plans with the guides.
Throughout the week, you will hike around 60 km in total. The amount walked per day varies between 12 and 16 km a day. The days are well divided and balanced around the amount of kilometers you will do in combination with the height meters you will conquer.
For everyone between 15 and 65 years of age with a good baseline condition. The trail consists out of a firm portion of physical activity so a good baseline condition and health are a must.

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